Ex-Meme King Salt Bae Has Arisen From 2017 To Post His Priciest Meal Yet & Folks Are Pissed

Remember 2017? Remember the Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe AKA Salt Bae? Well whether we like it or not, he’s back in the headlines after pissing off a bunch of people on the internet regarding the price of his restaurant.

On Friday, Salt Bae (who has a staggering 49.1 million Instagram followers) posted the paper receipt for a particularly deep-pocketed customer after they dined at his Abu Dhabi restaurant.

The total price of the meal was 615,065 dirham (the currency of the United Arab Emirates) which is the equivalent of AUD$250,873.84.

Far too much money for my op-shopping, Aldi-purchasing brain to comprehend.

Therefore, I think I can speak for most of us when I ask, what the actual fuck?

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So let’s break this number down.

Supposedly there were 14 guests at this dinner according to the Daily Mail, with half a million of the total 615,065 dirham price tag being spent on vino alone.

I’m sorry but how the heck is a vintage that spenny? Did he do the salt sprinkly thing on the wine too? I doubt salty wine would taste any good but I’d be happily proven wrong.

Salt Bae then went on to charge a whopping 9,000 dirham (AUD $3671) for two gold-leaf-covered Istanbul steaks.

What’s a gold-leaf covered steak you might ask? Well, it’s exactly what it says on the packet.

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He also charged 5,500 (AUD $2243) for two golden Ottoman steaks, 4,500 (AUD $1835) for two beef tenderloins, and last but not least 3905 dirham (AUD $1593) for 11 beef fillet steaks.

Needless to say, the comments section was awash with people calling out Salt Bae and his salty BS price warfare.

After finding the photo of the receipt, I went for a further dig around his profile. Suffer for your art, they say.

His content is mostly made up of hustle culture business inspo as well as pics of him with various cuts of meat. No pun intended.

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I truly cannot think of an account I’d want to follow less.

Consider this the origin story of Salt Bae’s mortal enemy. Me, Pepper Bae.