Someone Spent Nearly $60k At Salt Bae’s Steakhouse, Meanwhile I Had Toast For Dinner

Salt Bae Steakhouse Bill

Ah, Salt Bae. Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. Just the word “bae” is an entire throwback at this point, and I’m getting war flashbacks.

In case Salt Bae doesn’t elicit as visceral of a memory in you as it does in me, it’s what we all called the Turkish chef that would seductively slap a steak around before sprinkling it with salt in his signature (and somehow, actually patented??) pose. His real name is Nusret Gökçe, and he just opened a new restaurant in London – where someone spent an insane £37,032.

In a picture posted to Reddit by u/Kayser1976, a patron revealed their receipt from Nusr-Et Steakhouse London, showing the total of their night out to cost $57,902 AUD – which is how much some of us make in a year. That is a whole ass salary!!! Who are these people???

The caption of the image says “this is just taking the piss”, which makes no fucking sense since clearly these people ordered a gold leaf steak and expensive as heck wine. Did they not know what they were ordering??

Salt Bae restaurant bill
Who does this??? Image: Reddit

The entire list of expenses on the menu includes a Golden Tomahawk (an £850 steak covered in gold leaf ), 16 Nusret Baklavas worth £400 (Turkish dessert served with a traditional ice cream), a bunch of sides that were thankfully not priced in the hundreds, and then… a vintage 1996 bottle of Petrus wine for £9,100, and two other bottles of wine for £9,950 each.

People on Reddit where quick to roast whoever the guest was, because no one orders that shit and then acts shocked at such a huge bill.

Some argued that it was just a flex to show how loaded these people are — which I personally am sure of. Others suggested it was a PR stunt for Salt Bae’s steakhouse but I don’t know, this isn’t exactly going to make the average person want to eat at the restaurant, you know?

My favourite comment was the fact that someone noticed between, all these ridiculously luxe items on the menu, someone ordered a Red Bull. To “restart their heart” after seeing the prices.

And here I am, feeling guilty about spending $50 on three boxes of tea at T2 today.