Here’s A Heap Of Restaurants Open Christmas Day If You’re A Shithouse Cook

Christmas can be a bit of ~time~ for many reasons. Maybe you’ve fucked up lunch and overcooked everything. Maybe everyone’s forgotten to cater for the vegan in the family, or you’ve somehow magically run out of food. Maybe you’ve suddenly found yourself with more mouths to feed than you intended, or you haven’t got the chance to be with family. Maybe you don’t want to do any washing up whatsoever. Maybe you’ve somehow found yourself still hungry. Maybe you don’t celebrate Christmas and you just wanna get take out and sit on the couch in your underpants. It’s cool. So where are the restaurants open Christmas Day, then?

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Thankfully in this day and age of technology and endless demand for food to be available at the literal press of a button, Christmas Day is no longer a wasteland of closed shops and mild regret when you’ve realised you’ve forgotten something, or just didn’t have the energy to face the shops to do groceries in the week leading up to the 25th.

So we decided to compile a little list of some of the restaurants (both eat-in and delivered-to-your-door) that are open for biz on the public holiday. Ranging from the classic pizza that you can shove into your gob while watching ‘The Holiday‘ in your pjs, to the high-end fancy-schmancy lunch overlooking the best views in your city. Ya welcome.

restaurants open christmas day


Had a big Christmas eve and want to nurse that silly season hangover with some mango pancakes? Yum cha in the city, including Palace Chinese Restaurant and Marigold in the city, Dynasty Chinese in Belmore and The Dynasty in Canterbury will be open and ready to fill you up.

If you’re after something a bit ~fancier~ then trot along to Sheraton On The ParkThe Intercontinental, O Bar & Dining, or Alibi at Ovolo Woolloomooloo for a festive spread that has all the trimmings. Sure, you’ll probably have to wear pants and behave somewhat more responsibly, but when there are endless prawns at the buffet at the Sheraton, it’s an easy thing to forgive.

If you’re into getting out of the city for the day, which tbh I don’t blame you, head to Bowral in the Southern Highlands and park yourself at Biota Dining for some really nice countryside dining.

And if you wanna stay home in your jocks and watch the re-run of Carols On The Domain while you drink beer and yell about how much better the old Wiggles are (and always will be), then there’s always ordering in. From pizza from Big John’s in Bondi, chicken dinner from Hawa in Granville, or a green curry from Siam9 in Matraville, you can order in a bunch of grub through Menulog.


In the southern state, there’s also ample restaurants open Christmas Day, as well as a bevvy of places delivering in case it’s y’know, raining right at the moment you go to step out the door.

If you wanna get a couple of others together and make a meal of it, you’ve got the Auction Rooms Café in North Melbourne, Ichi Ni Nana at 127 Brunswick St in Fitzroy from 5pm for dinner and drinks, or Tall Timber in Prahan on Xmas Day.

Or if you really want to splash out, once again the Sheraton and the Intercontinental are spots to feel noice and spesh on a day that can get a bit lonely. There’s also The Hotel Windsor is doing a couple of big five-course degustations for a pretty penny per person, and The Westin is putting on a hearty spread that also features a god damn CHEESE MOUNTAIN with heaps of tasty breads.

For those that want to stay in, because hey it might be raining and/or incredibly hot – who knows, it’s Melbourne after all – then these restaurants are open on Christmas Day for all your delivered treaties needs.

Taste of Thai in CoburgRoza’s Kitchen in SouthbankDeccan Indian in Belmont and Tetreyas in Mitcham are just a couple of the spots open over the 25th to keep you fed and happy.


Ah, Brissy. You’re hot as balls right now so it’s pretty understandable that you want to put minimal effort into Christmas apart from cracking open a cold one and maybe having a swim (or at least sitting under a sprinkler).

If you want to get out of the house and go sit in some aircon while someone brings you food, then like Melbourne you’ve got The Westin to park your butt in, or if you wanna keep it lowkey, there’s Black Fire in the city, Regatta Hotel in Toowong, or Deer Duck Bistro in Milton to do all the heavy lifting.

And if you’d rather stay stuck to the couch (because let’s be honest in that heat sometimes it’s a non-negotiable) restaurants open Christmas Day that you can order in lunch/dinner/late-night snacc from include Vegan by Spice Temple on BroadbeachPizza Capers in Rockhampton, or a burrito from Burrito Bar in Holmview.


You lot might be the city of churches but hey, some people instead pray to the altar of delicious food and the other holy trinity: beer, wine, and spirits.

If you want to get out of the house/away from the family for a cheeky feed or a drink to take the edge off, you’ve got the Intercontinental in the city or The Stamford in Glenelg, the River Café in North Adelaide, or The Hackney in Hackney are some of the Adelaide-based restaurants open Christmas Day.

And if you’re more into replacing the silverware with the mismatched cutlery fished out of the drawer while you’re on the fifth hour of your Netflix binge, then you can opt for Drunkn Monkey in North Adelaide, Marina Chicken & Seafood in North Haven, or Pamplona Pizza in Elizabeth to help keep you fed.