Those Aunty Donna Boys Would Like To Offer You Some Delicious Christmas Pud

The P.TV office looks just like any other office. Desks. Computers. Chairs. People without headphones on. People with headphones on. The usual stuff, you get the gist. It is perfectly normal in every regard, save for one feature: an enormous bell, placed in the centre of the office. This immense ceremonial bell serves a singular purpose. It is rung enthusiastically on the release of any and every new Aunty Donna video.

[jwplayer qtXAEtfy]

Look, trying to pick at what makes something funny immediately makes it unfunny, but I think I speak for all of us here (note: I do not) when I say that we hugely admire how they’ve managed to combine complete absurdism with a very astute ear for weird peculiarities of Australian speech, mannerisms, and habits. If there is something that everyone’s dad does, they have found it. If there is something that everyone has done at school, they are aware of it.

Anyway, enough preamble. It’s fucken Christmas and they have done a good-ass Christmas video, watch it, please. I urge you to watch it: