PSA: Grab A Tasty Footlong And You Could Cop An Inflatable Pool Toy If That’s Yr Idea Of Summer Fun

Folks, summer is right around the corner. But you know what else is coming that’s even more special? That’s right – World Sandwich Day. On November 3rd, the world will join together like two pieces of bread slathered in peanut butter and jelly to celebrate what might be our most sacred day.

Oh, what’s that? You haven’t heard of World Sandwich Day? Do you live under a rock? World Sandwich Day is one of the greatest days in the world. When asked if we wanted to make it a holiday, the world in unison said “no”, because the lunch rush sandwich was half the joy of the meal.

But to spread the gospel, we celebrate World Sandwich Day on November 3rd to commemorate the memory of John Montagu, the fourth earl of Sandwich. Rumour has it, that during long gaming sessions back in 1792, the man would order bread and meats to sustain him, as he would not leave the table. This became so common, that eventually, fellow players would order the same, and it quickly became a phenomenon afterwards.

To celebrate the return of summer and World Sandwich Day, Subway is bringing back its super exclusive giant sub-shaped inflatable pool toys.

Ever wanted your very own inflatable pool toy shaped like a sandwich? Who wouldn’t? It’s colourful, it’s got a shape perfect for sitting on and it brings people together.

Keen to get your grippers onto this? Of course you are. On Friday 3rd November, whenever Subcard owners purchase a footlong sub through the Subway app (click + collect or Subway Delivers), they’ll go into the running for a chance to win one of these big boys. That’s right, all you have to do is order a footlong, enjoy it and then patiently wait for a few days to find out if you won. Subway will be giving away 300 of these noodles in Australia and 100 in New Zealand.

Winners will be drawn on November 6th and will receive an email confirming their win and the best address to receive said pool toy.

Best of luck friends. I hope you all manage to get your hands around this huge footlong this summer.