Hold The Fucken Phone, Popcorn Flavour Maltesers Have Been Recently Spotted In Aussie Shops

popcorn maltesers new flavour australia woolworths

Maltesers and popcorn are an elite and essential cinema snack. There’s no doubt about it. Truly nothing like shoveling a couple of handfuls of popcorn into your mouth before dumping a whole bag of malty, chocolate balls in there, giving it all a big shake, and then digging in while you stare at the big screen.

Almost as if we’re being listened to, there’s now a new choccy ball flavour that’s popped up in shops: Popcorn Maltesers. I’m sorry but has the ultimate movie snack just been essentially rolled into one here? Do my eyes deceive me or have we been blessed with a version that just might not turn into a whole mess as the chocolate melts in the hot popcorn and clumps together into a big tangle of popped corn kernels, malt crispy bits, and liquid choc?

The delicious little red bags of treats were spotted by none other than my absolute fave snack sleuth Instagram @foodfindsgeelong, who posted up a photo of the Popcorn Maltesers on Wednesday.

Apparently the little spheres of serotonin were found at their local Woolies, so absolutely catch me rolling down to the closest shops this arvo. As someone who swears by the holy combo of fluffy, salty popcorn and crunchy, sweet Maltesers, I feel it’s my duty to hunt these down and try them out ASAP.

“These smell just like buttered popcorn jelly bellys …. And they kind of taste like it too,” the post’s caption reads.

“We can’t decide whether we like these or not, the popcorn flavour is almost too strong but the more you eat the more it subsides and blends with the chocolate.”

Um okay. This could be an ~experience~ and I’m willing to put my mouth on the line for the sake of food journalism.

A quick squiz on the Woolworths online shop came up with nothing beyond the bog-standard Maltesers (but hey, the big bags are $6 at the moment). As soon as I find out how much this popcorn flavour edition is, I’ll let you know. Believe me, I’ll be refreshing that page until I find out.

This might be a real cinema snack gamechanger here. Imagine switching in the Popcorn Maltesers to put in your popcorn next time you’re at the pictures — it feels like I’m going mad with snack power and I love it.