Holy Shit, Patagonia Is Making A Bougie-Ass Gelato With Messina This Month

gelato messina patagonia flavour

In possibly the strangest collab since Jay-Z worked with Linkin Park, fancy adventure gear gang Patagonia is working with Gelato Messina to make a very limited edition flavour of yum frozen dessert, and it’s landing in freezers this month.

The collab has come together to celebrate the 18th birthday of style hub Incu, whose chic stores I truly wish to wander around in once again despite feeling like I can’t breathe on anything these days.

Dropping on Friday, October 23, the limited-edition flavour sits alongside five other flavours crafted with other brands you’d typically find on the racks at Incu – including Rag & Bone, Café Kitsuné, State of Escape, and Paloma Wool.

That’s some real bougie binch areas for your tastebuds, mates.

The Patagonia flavour distils everything the brand loves – being outside in the wilderness and taking care of the world around us. It’s called ‘Save takayna’ and it’s all about raising awareness to protect and preserve Australia’s largest temperate rainforest, which is found in the takayna/Tarkine region in north-west Tasmania.

The area is home to some incredibly rare and endangered wildlife, and has some of the deepest Indigenous history in the southern hemisphere, and is currently under the threat of deforestation and mining.

The flavour itself is a super decadent fair-trade dark chocolate and ethically-sourced leatherwood honey crafted into a sorbet, and then layered with nougat. It looks insanely delish and I truly cannot wait to wrap my laughing gear around it.

patagonia gelato messinaGOOD. LORD.

The collab is also going the other way as well, as Messina has revealed that the Incu team has co-created the dessert lords’ new merch line, which is dropping later this year. Gonna have to keep our eyes peeled for that one, mates.

And consider this my formal pitch for Patagonia to release a Messina capsule range, because I’d 100% wear a sick gelato-vibe jumper.

But until then, my lovely Ratagonias, the delish Incu X Messina treats will hit stores from October 20 through to October 24, with a new flav dropping daily. They probably won’t be around again after that week, so time your treat day right.