Merivale Has Unveiled Its Own Full Delivery Service For Mr Wong, The Paddington & Coogee Pav

Hot on the heels of announcing delivery and takeaway of ready-made meals and make-at-home recipes from its beloved Sydney kitchens, Merivale has now announced it’s launching its own fully-fledged pick-up and delivery service with hopes to get hospo staff back into the game. Oh, and delivering dishes from its best restaurants to folks at home.

Now that NSW has eased the restrictions just enough that two (2) adults can go and visit another household (while maintaining social distancing rules), restaurants like Mr Wong, Totti’s, and Coogee Pavillion are opening back up for takeaway only for dinners and weekend lunch runs.

You’ve got a few days to comb through each restaurant’s delivery menu, because the whole delivery side of things kicks off on Wednesday, May 6, and will be available for anyone in a 10km radius of the restaurant.

And instead of a delivery driver or bike rider, all the deliveries will be made by Merivale staff, who have pivoted to the service’s ~delivery concierge~ which is bougie as hell and I hope they get to wear a deeply Wes Anderson-esque uniform.

merivale delivery
Pretty much what it feels like outside right now anyway.

If you’re stinging for a Friday feed (it’s cold, I don’t blame you for not wanting to do anything), you can preorder today for pick-up from 5pm to 9pm tonight.

But if you’re still a keen bean and want to flex your skills and try and recreate some of the cult-favourite dishes in your own kitchen, the Merivale At Home semi-ready-made meal packs are still going strong, with menus from Mr Wong’s, Totti’s, Bert’s and Fred’s, and the bottle shop is still open for business.