Melburnians Are Turning Out In Droves For ‘Straya’s First Doughnut HSP

When living in an age where restaurants are serving milkshake monstrosities piled with things like doughnuts and entire jars of Nutella, food geniuses are forced to go further and further in their quest to serve new and exciting flavours to the frothing public.

We know that the savoury side of food has already been perfected with the existence of the classic HSP, a delicious serving of meat, cheese, chips and sauce, a combination that can never be improved, and must never be changed.

Well now, a restaurant in Melbourne called Pizzeria Express has birthed the HSP’s bigger and even more disgusting sister. Meet the DSP, otherwise known as the ‘Doughnut Snack Pack’, the dessert version of a HSP.

The pack includes a pile of homemade doughnuts, a smothering of various chocolate sauces, and is topped off with actual chocolate bars.

What have we done. What have we done.

Owners of the store/mad as fuck scientists, Mark and Cassy Micheli, said that the DSP has customers lining up around the block, and they even had to extend trading hours in order to cater for people travelling from places like Geelong.

The demand is so great that they’ve increased production of dough from one batch to seven batches a night, and 100kg of dough to 12ookg.

They reckon each DSP pack serves two people, which is either a huge overestimation or an underestimation, depending on how hungover you are. We can’t say we recommend eating a HSP for dinner, and a DSP for dessert, but what a way to go.