A Macca’s Worker Has Shared The Most Annoying Shit Customers Do So Don’t Be A McDouche


Ohh to bask in the yellow gleam of those beautiful golden arches: a feeling of home for some and *trauma* for others. If you’ve worked at Macca’s, you’ll know the torture of walking into your local store and being whacked with the reality of having to deal with hundreds of assholes for your entire six hour shift.

Well, one Macca’s worker has expressed his disdain for those assh…customers in a now viral TikTok. The young lad from the UK explained that customers often come to him with weird requests like asking for a cheeseburger with no cheese, even though hamburgers literally exist. Or asking if the fries are hot, like he’s supposed to put one in his mouth to know.


Harry Oliver also made a part two, because the people (chronically online high schoolers) can’t get enough of this Macca’s content.


Honestly kind of sliving for this guy’s never ending supply of Macca’s related content, which he usually films in the bathroom of his workplace. Love an entrepreneurial king who makes TikToks on company dime.


Seriously, pour one out for the overworked and overstressed Macca’s worker — who needs both a raise and free therapy.

When I was 15, I only did one three hour shift every Saturday at Macca’s, and you bet your bottom dollar that as soon as that shift was finished I was already sick to my stomach thinking about the next one. Mind you, I was a totally anxious and pathetic kid — so working there probably wasn’t that bad. But I hated dealing with cranky customers who would scream blue murder if I forgot napkins or the sauce.

The worst is when you’ve got a customer demanding fresh fries straight from the oil vat, and you have to politely ask whoever is on fries if it’s possible. Well, my fry guy was never happy about that request.

Dealing with Macca’s customers is a nightmare and anyone who works there deserves a Nobel Peace Prize — because let me tell you, those customers are anything but peaceful. I’ve seen some cooked things in Australia (read: guy stealing five boxes of tea bags from the McCafé) but the UK (where this worker is from) is a whole other kettle of fish. They literally have security at all their chains, because fights can and will break out. I saw one guy get chased down the main road because he looked at a guy’s son weird in the queue to collect his order. Odd behaviour.

What McDicks.