Macca’s Australia has today issued a pledge to phase out plastic straws across all restaurants nationwide by 2020, with a trial of paper straws set to commence immediately.

Australians currently use around 10 million single-use plastic straws every day, according to environmental groups, so a pledge from McDonald’s – the largest fast food brand on the planet – is extremely significant in the growing push to remove disposable plastic products from food packaging and delivery services.

Macca’s director of supply chain Robert Sexton issued a statement this morning confirming the burger chain’s commitment to ridding its operations of plastic straws, which comes ahead of the company copping a bake by ABC anti-garbage programme War on Waste.

War on Waste‘s upcoming second season focuses on a raft of different topics, but in particular McDonald’s usage of plastic straws is a bone of contention, with the future episode reportedly featuring host Craig Reucassel approaching the corporation with a sculpture of a sea turtle made entirely from discarded straws that the show dubs “McChokey.”

Sexton’s statement confirms Macca’s move to a more environmentally friendly option.

We know plastic straws is a topic our customers are passionate about and we will find a viable solution. As one of the world’s largest restaurant businesses, we know we have the responsibility and opportunity to make significant change.

The process of phasing out plastic straws will begin with a trial of paper straws in two restaurants from August; the same alternative straws that the company’s UK arm are currently trialling in stores over there.

War on Waste season two premieres on the ABC on July 24th.

Source: ABC News
Image: Getty Images / Bernard Weil