Impress The Crap Outta Your Sharehouse With These Quick Lamb Nachos

Moving out of your parent’s house during your formidable teen years seemed like it would be the best thing ever. No more groaning from your mum to clean your room, complete independence, you know the drill.

But it didn’t turn out like that, did it? Living solo (albeit, with others) is challenging AF. There’s no more coming home to the smell of a home-cooked meal, or to a clean space for that matter. Everything is chaos, which is how it should be in your 20s.

Speaking of home-cooked meals, keeping yourself fed is one of the biggest mountains to climb when you’re out on your own. The biggest drama with it (besides having to pinch pennies) is your utensil situation. Yep, you’ve long since said sayonara to the Scanpan pots and pans you once took for granted. You have shockingly sub-par, faux non-stick replacements to work with instead – as well as a hodgepodge mix of cutlery, plates/bowls and general equipment supplied by your rotation of housemates.

This is why you, good humans of the internet, need a few go-to dishes you can make with the rather lacklustre gastronomical instrumentation you have on hand. And one such dish is nachos.

We’re not talking about any ol’ nachos here, folks. We’re talking the real deal. And thankfully, the real deal (ft. lamb mince and other assorted goodness) is perfect to share with your roomies/won’t cost you all that much to make. Check out the video below for the 411 on what you’ll need + how to whip that bad boy up.

Dinner = sorted.