Lindt Has Unleashed A Hazelnut Spread In Supermarkets & That’ll Get Me Eating Brekky Again

The absolute god tier of choccies has now infiltrated Nutella’s territory, with jars of Lindt Hazelnut Spread popping up on shelves in supermarkets across Australia. No, this is not a joke, we’re still a month out from April 1st, this is very much real and I wish to taste it immediately.

As reported by 7News, the kings of chocolates will be officially have the spread on shelves in local Coles supermarkets from March 1st, and is surely gonna give other choccy alternatives a run for their money. Keen eyes have apparently already clocked it in the spreads aisle for $10 a pop, so pls feel free to make a swift exit from work right now to find yourself a jar of the stuff.

The slatherable treat has apparently been in Lindt stores since 2018 – making it a little more exclusive to those with a local dedicated Lindt shop – but it’s reportedly going to the masses by being added to supermarket shelves. Think how devilishly decadent it’d be to eat this by the spoonful, goodness me.

The hazelnut spread from Lindt also apparently is made of 25% hazelnuts, making it nuttier than “other spreads”, and that combined with the chocolatier’s famed Swiss chocolate makes for a god damn indulgent treat for you to schmear on toast, or bagels, or pancakes, or sandwiches, or literally anything. Eat it by the spoon, who cares.

Not only that, but apparently Lindt will be following the hazelnut spread up with a full-choccy version in May. Now nobody can look at you funny for hooking into chocolate for breakfast.

I mean if those insanely good Lindor balls are anything to go by, this shit is gonna be red hot. Sweet mother of hell just hook it to my veins already, thanks.