Kraken Rum Has Unleashed Premixed Bevs & We Can Hear Friday Calling Already, Baby

Perfect for those moments when you want to have a fancy little cocktail treat but you’ve got all the gear and no idea, Kraken Rum has unleashed a range of premix bevs so you can not fuck it up and look fancy to your mates on Zoom Friday drinks at the same time.

Legit, just like shove a wedge of lime in there and maybe a sprig of mint or something and you’ve got yourself a hobbled-together cocktail, my good friend.

After years of lurking in the darkness with its black spiced rum (which is really bloody yum in hot toddies, FYI) the Kraken has now mingled in with a couple of mixers to result in rum, & cola and rum & dry editions.

kraken rum premix
Nothing says “yum Friday drinks” like an ink-black tentacle 🙂

I know I’m probably preaching to the choir here but you know what premix bevs do? Absolutely eliminate that annoying bit where you finish and drink and think “ah shit I have to go and spend time making another one.” Premix bevs means you can just grab one out of the fridge, rip the scab off it, and go sit back down on your ass.

Or, even better/smarter, set up a little esky next to the couch so you don’t even have to get up. Chuck some pre-cut fruit in there or whatever, maybe a chilled glass, and you can make lazy cocktails on the couch. You can have that one for free.

You can cop a four-pack of the new Kraken Rum premixes over at Dan Murphy’s, BWS, and independent grog shops now, or maybe spend all your saved pub money on a full slab. It’s been a long however-many-days here in isolation, you totally deserve it.