KFC Is Making A Horny Colonel Sanders Biopic And Judging By The Trailer, Old Mate Could Get It

kfc movie

I’m going to need everyone to stop what they’re doing and watch the cursed trailer for the new Lifetime movie about *checks notes* Colonel Sanders. Yes, the KFC guy.

The new collab between KFC and Lifetime, entitled A Recipe For Seduction, is essentially just a 15 minute-long commercial, but that doesn’t make it any less cursed. Honestly, it sounds way too horny for a movie about fried chicken.

Starring Mario Lopez as the Colonel himself, the film appears to be a mini biopic on the founder and his deep, dark secret (recipe for fried chicken).

“Some folks take their secrets to the grave, but Colonel Sanders takes his to the deep fryer,” the promo on the KFC Facebook page reads.

Yes, Mario Lopez is a certified daddy, but surely it has to be illegal to be horny for the Colonel, right? RIGHT?!

Meanwhile, Lifetime has given us a bit more information in their official synopsis on the website.

“As the holidays near, an heiress (played by Bosch alum Justene Alpert) contends with the affections of a suitor handpicked by her mother. When the handsome chef arrives with his secret recipe and a dream, he sets in motion a series of events that unravel the mother’s plans.”

But it doesn’t stop there, no. It appears one of the secret herbs and spices must be horniness because they’ve decided to run with the tagline: “We All Have Our Secrets, His Just Happens to Be… A Recipe for Seduction.”


Honestly, Vulture said it best when they said A Recipe for Seduction is about “a Colonel Sanders that fucks.”

I’m sorry but no matter how hot Mario Lopez is, I simply refuse to be horny for Colonel Sanders. I will not. No.

You can peep the trailer below, but be warned: it’s dangerously horny.