Japan’s Foot-Long Fries Arrive In Australia For You Starch-Crossed Lovers

Fries before guys is the mantra of many. And when the fries are foot-long?

men are cancelled 

Japanese restaurant chain Harajuzu Gyoza have gone and made our fry-based dreams come true by bringing 12 inch chippies to ‘Straya.

Look at those long hot boys!

They make ‘em by pushing potatoes through a Japanese-imported press before frying them a glowing golden brown:

They come complimented by your choice of house-made shiitake mushroom and Katsuobushi salt or Japanese mayo, for just 8 bucks.

For all we know, they’re the first folks to bring the fries (that are a staple in markets across Japan) to ‘Straya.


Harajuku Gyoza are no strangers to cooking up viral foodstuffs – they’re the folks who brought us those boob implant teardrop cakes and extraordinarily fluffy soufflé pancakes.

Here’s hoping they’ll stick around for a… long time.

Harajuku Gyoza can be found in various locations ’round Brissy and Sydney. You can try find your nearest here.