Go-To & Four Pillars Are Dropping A Gin Tomorrow And I Hope It Doesn’t Sell Out In 5 Hrs Again

go-to gin four pillars limited edition

Delicious news for gin girlies ahead: cult-fave skincare brand Go-To has joined up with equally-as-beloved distillery Four Pillars to release another batch of the limited edition sippy drink.

My New Go-To Gin sold out in literal hours last time these two collaborated so if you wanna get in on the botanical yummies you’re gonna have to move quickly. It’s going on sale tomorrow (!!!) so maybe schedule an important “appointment” for the morning.

The new Go-To gin features quandong (native peach), lemon myrtle, pink peppercorn and grapefruit from head distiller Cam Mackenzie‘s own backyard tree in its botanicals. So think fruity, fresh, zingy and just a little bit spicy. Everything we’d want a summer sip to be and more.

Thankfully the Four Pillars team have made a few more bottles than last year’s drop, which is good considering it sold out in under five hours. Maybe we’ll have six hours to nab ourselves a bottle and an accompanying Go-To Transformazing face mask this time. Cross your fingers and pop an ice cube tray in the freezer just in case.

“There was no way we weren’t making more gin with Four Pillars,” Go-To queen Zoë Foster-Blake said in a statement.

“Partly because our customers have been waiting for it for a year, and partly because we love the unlikely pairing of our Aussie-made skincare with their Aussie-made gin.”

Mackenzie said he’s also partial to a bit of weekend self-care so teaming up with Go-To for another batch of gin felt right.

“Gin and skin. I’ll admit, it’s an unlikely duo,” he said.

“But after a G&T or two (or three) with the Go-To team, we realised there was a lot we had in common. We’re both champions of using best-in-class ingredients, we’re both sticklers for quality and, speaking personally, we both have a thing for Sunday night face masking.”

Bottles of the good stuff will set you back $85 a pop and will be landing on the Four Pillars website at 10am on Thursday (that’s tomorrow!). So set an alarm and a second alarm so you don’t miss out this time around.