Get Ready For Yr Annual Saucing ‘Cos Four Pillars Has Revealed Its 2019 Christmas Gin

If you’re the kind of person who likes to knock back a couple of cheeky drinks on Christmas day, or you’re the one responsible for making an incredibly boozy trifle every bloody year (read: me), then get your best glassware out, because Four Pillars is dropping its 2019 Christmas Gin very bloody soon.

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Look, Christmas in Australia is hot. It’s bloody hot. So it’s extremely acceptable that instead of hugging a mug of glühwein or a hot toddy, you wanna suck back a crisp, refreshing-yet-spicy gin. That’s where the limited-release Australian Christmas gin comes in.

Perfectly paired with that cheeky extra chunk of Nan’s Christmas pud long after everyone’s slipped into a food coma, the 2019 Christmas gin has once again been distilled with head distiller Cam Mackenzie’s favourite December 25 treat: the Women’s Weekly Christmas pudding.

christmas gin
Me, every fkn year.

Considering juniper already has flavours that are quite similar to the pine needle scent of a real-life Chrismas tree, Cam’s stroke of genius when he tried distilling a whole pud a few years back birthed a tradition – a traditgin, if you will – that’s becoming just as beloved as his late Mum’s routine of baking the family’s Christmas pudding on November 2nd every year.

As is also tradition, the Four Pillars Aussie Christmas gin won’t be available until November 2 – when Cam’s childhood home would be ripe with the smells of a pudding boiling away on the stove – so keep an eye on the distillery’s website for the moment you can treat yourself to an early Xmas present. You bloody deserve it, mate.