Here’s A Bunch Of Spirit-Lifting Christmas Drinks To Get Things Festive

‘Tis the season to have a tipple or two if you want. And considering the Australian Christmas experience usually involves being so bloody hot that you’re sweating out of your eyeballs as soon as you wake up, we thought it’d be best to dabble in a bit of the special seasonal spirits to get you in the spirit of Christmas drinks this silly season.

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Whether you’re trying to think of the perfect gift for a gin fiend in your life or you want to just celebrate the end of the year with some fancy as shit booze, these good lookin’ bottles will be the shining star on someone’s bar through the festivities.

Four Pillars Christmas Gin

Back again for another year of festive cheer is the Four Pillars Christmas Gin. Made from distilled Chrissy puds, gin aged in scotch whisky barrels, and a hint of Muscat for that real vibe of when grandad gets out the port after dinner on the 25th.

Husk Distillers ‘Spiced Bam Bam’ Australian Agricole Rum

Made from Aussie cane juice rum (Rhum Agricole) barrelled with some zesty boys like cinnamon quills, orange peel, and mandarin, and wattleseed and native ginger found in the ancient forests of Northern NSW, this Spiced Bam Bam from Husk Distillers is set to be your spiced rum go-to at Christmas drinks when you want something refreshing, but complex.

Prohibition Christmas Gin

Looks like Christmas gins are the hottest new thing to make in Australia – which is fair enough considering our festive season is also the time when all we want to do is be poolside with a G&T. Also channelling the whole Christmas dessert vibe, this small batch from Prohibition Liquor Co. features notes of cherry, dried fruits, and lots of silly season baking spice. Perfect to keep you chill but delightfully warm on the inside.

Jack Daniels Master Distillers Limited No.6 Edition

If you’re more of a hard-ass and like to spend all summer clad in leathers (or at least pretend you’re a motorbike-straddling hardass) then a very spesh small batch of Jack Daniels bourbon is probably your picked poison. The Master Distillers limited range is all about honouring the giants of the Tennessee whiskey game, and No.6 is made in memory of Jimmy Bedford, who crafted the iconic bourbon between 1988 and 2008.

Archie Rose Coast & Bush Gin Set

Whether you’re from the land or the coast, Archie Rose has crafted a perfect boozy blend to honour the best of both Aussie worlds. Perfectly capturing the harshness of the outback bushlands with native thyme, wild farmer’s friend, and hints of eucalypt, and the refreshing vibes of the coast with strawberry gum, sea lettuce, peach and coconut, there’s honestly so many ways you can go with these summery sippers at Christmas drinks.

Baileys Strawberries And Cream

What, you thought that this was all going to be fancy-ass Christmas spirits? Hell no. Xmas is one of the only times of year we get to indulge so why not lean in and satiate your guilty pleasures that come in the form of milky cream liqueur that you otherwise deny even liking? To hell with it, it’s the shameless gratification season.

Starward Two-Fold Double Grain Australian Whisky

A brand-spankin’ new one from the Melbourne distillery, the Two-Fold Double Grain from Starward Distillery features wheat and malted barley matures in Aussie red wine barrels. With notes of apple, pineapple, oak, and soft tannins. A grouse drop to gift, but even better shared, be that friend who demands to show off their Manhattan-making skills at Christmas drinks.

Stone Pine Cabernet Brandy Liqueur

If you’re on the hunt for something to wind down Christmas drinks with (or you’ve got some in-laws to impress this year) this fancy schmancy Cabernet Brandy Liqueur from Stone Pine is a high contender for brownie points-scoring. It’s proof that Bathurst is more than just hooning around in a V8 once a year, this aged liqueur the perfect drop for having with the cheese board you’ll probably have for grazing dinner on Xmas day.

Hartshorn Distillery Christmas Sheep Whey Vodka

After Grandvewe Cheesery realised they had way too much whey as a leftover from their various delicious sheep milk fromages, the team decided to start turning that discarded part of the cheese process into small batches of boozy wares. Every Christmas, head distiller Ryan switches up his bottle style for a festive-lookin’ number, and each bottle of the Hartshorn spirits is hand-painted by the man himself.

The vodka itself is smooth and delicate, thanks to the complex sugars and silkiness from the dairy side of things, this unfiltered vodka is a pure treasure from Tassie.

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Kraken Ceramic Black Spiced Rum

It might seem dark and menacing, but a black spiced rum in a ceramic bottle will make you feel more like you’re on a tall ship conquering the seas. Or maybe just a big goth enjoying a bit of Vitamin D. Either way, the Kraken Rum in this year’s limited edition ceramic bottle screams equal parts shipwrecked-by-sirens and moody-bastard-who-loves-a-dark-and-stormy. Highly likely to get in the good books of a disgruntled relative with this one.