International Folk Were Asked To Guess The Name Of Fairy Bread & The Thread Is Chaotic Evil

Fairy bread is a delicacy for Aussies and Kiwis. So much so, I often forget that the whole entire world isn’t on board with the idea of ‘hundreds and thousands’ on triangle-cut, margarine-lathered, white bread for birthdays. They’re truly missing out – it’s a historic, beloved dish.

With this in mind, a Twitter user has set the internet alight after asking those unfamiliar with fairy bread to name the nutritional, party favourite snack.

“Non-Australians,” Twitter user @lcvegguk posed, “what do u think this is called?”

I had no idea what to expect, but the subsequent thread is a chaotic, innocent, delicious mess.

I must admit, observing the above images of fairy bread for the first time would be an odd experience… and the following fictional names substantiate just that.

Without further ado, a round up of the most incredible fairy bread nicknames:

GAY COOKIES. I mean, they’re kind of not wrong on that one. The gays hereby claim these cookies.

Just a bunch of confetti stuck on a piece of cardboard with Clag, thanks.

This entire discourse has sent me. Long live gay cookies, I mean, funfetti sandwiches, I mean… fairy bread.

I’m now extremely ravenous for a plate of this goodness and will absolutely be taking a trip to Woolies tonight for some nostalgic supplies. Yes, it’s essential travel ScoMo. Fucking sue me.