Nine Aussie Food Joints Cracked Deliveroo’s ‘Most Ordered Of 2017’ List

It’s a pretty solid bet that anyone reading this used Deliveroo at least once this year to have food delivered to them due to extreme exhaustion (*cough* hungover as fuck *cough*). Probably many times. Maybe – if you are, say, me – you spent half your yearly pay check on getting pizza and burgers walked right to your door. At the same time.

Stats are fun when they’re about food, and Deliveroo just dropped the top 100 meals ordered by punters like us around the world for 2017. Given Australia‘s population is significantly lower than many other countries, you’d be forgiven for thinking none of our lil’ stores would have made the cut.

WRONG. We got nine in there. One even came in at #11, can you believe. Can you guess it?

You guessed wrong. It’s the humble burrito from Guzman Y Gomez. Apparently Sydney can’t get enough of the lil’ meat wrap. I definitely ordered at least 10 in one very financially bad month.

Mary’s in Newtown, Sydney slid in at #46 which will surprise literally no one who has ever visited the famed burg establishment.

Other Aussie’s who made the cut?

Golden Axe Burger, 8 Bit – Melbourne (#71), Poached Chicken Pho, Hanoi Hannah – Melbourne (#75), The OG Poke Bowl, Fishbowl – Sydney, (#79),  Sabbaba Vegan Pitta, Sabbaba – Sydney (#81), Salted Caramel and White Chocolate Gelato, Gelato Messina – Sydney (#86), Japanese Fried Chicken Wings, Soi Noodle Bar – Canberra (#91) and Chilli Wagyu Beef Dumplings, Oriental Teahouse Chapel Street – Melbourne (#98).

Not bad, mates. Not bad.

In terms of globally, here’s the Top 20.

1. Le Big Fernand, Big Fernand, Lille, France

2. Burrito, Boojum, Dublin, Ireland

3. Cheeseburger, Five Guys, London, UK

4. Tripletta Pizza, Tripletta, Paris, France

5. Regular Burrito, Taqado Mexican Kitchen, Dubai, UAE

6.Boojum’s Twojum, Boojum, Belfast,UK

7. Sushi Box for Two, Sushi Shop, Toulouse, France

8. Chicken Salad Bowl, The Daily Cut, Singapore

9. Chicken Katsu Curry, Wagamama, London, UK

10. Cheese 6oz American Cheeseburger, GBK, London, UK

11. Burrito, Guzman Y Gomez, Sydney, Australia

12. Chicken Tinga Burrito, Mission Burrito, Bristol, UK

13.Medium grilled chicken burrito, Tortilla, Brighton, UK

14.Ga Bun, James Bun, Paris, France

15.Little Chicken and Avo Wrap, S/wich, UAE

16. MANA! Make Your Own Wrap, MANA! Fast Slow Food, Hong Kong

17. Crazy Salmon Roll, Kenji Sushi, Edinburgh, UK

18. Byron Burger, Byron, London, UK

19. Avocado Beef Burger, Little Apple, Paris, France

20. The Bacoa Burger, Bacoa – Universidad, Barcelona, Spain

What I would like to know is exactly what a “Le Big Fernand” is. WHAT ARE YOU, FERNAND.