Apparently People Lined Up For Hours To Cop The First Cinnabons In Sydney & Honestly, Respect

cinnabon sydney opening weekend long lines

US cult treat chain Cinnabon has officially opened its first store in Sydney and apparently keen bean fans lined up for hours just to cop a delicious snack. Honestly, I have to respect the dedication to the dough.

The bakery opened its debut Aussie store in Haymarket at the weekend and drew queues of people waiting patiently in the dreary conditions for their first taste of the beloved freshly-baked goodies. Some lined up for up to three or four hours just to wrap their gobs around a sticky scroll, according to The Daily Telegraph.

I mean when they look like this, can you blame them? I’d stand in the rain for these bad boys, too.

The store actually had to shut its doors periodically throughout the day to keep up with the high demands of fans wanting to take home the freshly-baked cinnamon scrolls.

“If we didn’t, our bakers would never have gone home,” Sydney store manager Alby Lam told The Daily Telegraph.

“Because the line was so long we stopped orders at 5.30pm and people were getting their scrolls at 8pm.

“It’s been insanely crazy.”

It’s incredible that this is the response to the store’s opening, considering there are already Cinnabon stores in the greater Melbourne and Brisbane regions.

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You’d look at these lines and unreal demand for the hot, sweet bons and assume they’d only just landed on Australian soil but no, it’s just a shitload of Sydneysiders with grumbly tummies wanting a little treat.

The sheer demand for the cinny chomps was so high that some people reportedly gave up on standing in the Cinnabon line multiple times over the Sydney store’s opening weekend.

Damn, that’s some dedication to go back and try your luck again and again. I simply would have called it a day and made a plan to go buy yummy hot cinnamon scrolls in a couple of weeks’ time when things calmed down.