Chefs In Mexico Are Using FAKE Guac, And Won’t Somebody Please Think Of The Millennials

So it turns out we’re forgoing homeownership to afford our avo addiction, but depending on where you’re dining, you might not even be getting the real deal.

We all know that an avo will cost you an arm and a leg, but apparently, the skyrocketing prices have forced some taquerias in Mexico to make a sneaky swap in our guacamole.

Poor harvests and cartel control in Mexico have forced some chefs to swap out the avo for a zucchini alternative. This isn’t even your typical watered down guac, this stuff contains 0% avocado. None. Nil. Zilch.

Honestly, what’s the point in getting authentic Mexican tacos from Mexico if you’re not even getting real guac? That sounds like the definition of a rip off if you ask me.

Now, I’m not zucchini hater, but the real catch here is that tourists are still forking out the big bucks for that grade A avo, but are being dished up some z-grade zucch.

[jwplayer iXerSfRj]

I mean, if you’re hosting a dinner party for your boujee uni mates but can’t afford three bucks for a Hass, you could honestly do this too!

Basically, the zucchini gives you that good, green colour, and the oils make it nice and creamy. Then, chuck in some garlic, coriander and jalapenos and bob’s your uncle, you’ve got some faux guac. Unless you’re an avo expert, you could probably be fooled by this imposter.

The great guac debate of 2019 seems to have divided Twitter. Some fans are all for the idea of the faux avo:

But others are not as easily convinced:

But the real question here is if we’re not getting the real deal, why is guac still extra?