The Cadbury Caramilk Is Rumoured To Be Making A Comeback & My Undeserving Body Is Ready

A while back, February of last year to be precise, you may have seen us report about Cadbury’s throwback ‘Caramilk’ bars that had the nation absolutely spewing (in a good way).

They sold out everywhere – some stores had even limited each customer to 2 bars per purchase – and were subsequently sold on eBay for 100s of bucks. Huge mood, etc.

All of us were then left wondering if the orgasmic bars would ever see the light of day – and our tastebuds – ever again.

Spoiler: prob.

Today, Australian products review group The Grocery Geek all-but-confirmed the revival of the blessed Caramilk: “It is strongly rumoured that Cadbury is re-releasing its very popular Caramilk later this month…. stay tuned!”

Even more telling was a storeowner commenting on the post, confirming they’d ordered stock: “Definitely true I ordered a fair bit of stock for my shop today. Will be on special for $2.40 a block early September At all igas.”

I felt that.

“While we can’t confirm or deny the return of Cadbury Caramilk,” Paul Chatfield, Cadbury Director Marketing for Chocolate, Australia and New Zealand said to, “we will say that we are in the business of delighting our consumers with products they love, so stay tuned.” Oh, you best believe we are.

Twitter is obviously excited:

For some context, the Caramilk is a caramel and white choc block, and it first went on sale 20 years ago before making a revival early last year for a limited time. We now wait with bated breath for further Caramilk news but, if trusty storeowner is telling the truth, we should expect a sweet, sweet reunion next month.

I’m excited. As Mandy Moore once crooned:

“I’m craving (I’m cravin) for you,
I’m missing you like candy (missin you like candy)
So baby come to me,
Baby show me who you are (ohhhh baby, ohhh baby).”