Australia’s #1 Pub Order Has Been Determined Which Helps Quell My Eternal Menu Panic

australia's favourite pub meals 2022

What’s your go-to feed when you trot into the pub? Are you the kind of person who goes for a chicken schnitty so you can determine which pub has the best one? Or perhaps you’re like my family friend who will always order the steak sandwich, no matter what time of day it is. Numbers have been crunched and Australia’s favourite pub meals have been declared for this year.

A big study conducted by me&u — who do those little at-table ordering systems that have become a gamechanger for pub seshes — figured out what people are ordering the most.

The number one dish for the whole country? It’s the humble chicken schnitzel, which has clocked over $3million in sales over the last year.

Fuck me, that’s a coupla birds.

The Margherita pizza came in second place, which feels like a rogue option, but I respect it. I won’t ever say no to a hot cheesy and saucy pizzy when I’m three pints in and need something in my gullet.

As for the old neck oil, a clear frontrunner has been determined — and it’s not a pint of lager. The fancy-ass espresso martini has become the #1 sipper in the country, with Queensland, Victoria and NSW all preferring that brown bean brew to a beer.

Interesting to know that, considering my friends and I have a theory that a lot of people don’t actually like drinking e-marts, they just order them to fit in with everyone else. Seriously, watch people when they order them at the bar next time you’re at the pub and look at their faces when they take that first sip. It’s fkn hilarious.

South Australia and WA were the only states who opted for a Froth Whitlam over a fancy cocktail, with Hahn Super Dry (lol) and Swan Draught taking out the top spots in each respective state.

Chippies are Australia’s favourite pub sides to go with our meals, along with the mighty garlic bread. But it was only WA, SA and the ACT who rate the superior wedges with sweet chilli and sour cream. Everyone else: step up your wedge game, please.