Australia’s Top 10 Schnitzels Of 2020 Have Been Named & We’re Prepared To Fight Some Of These

australia best schnitzel 2020

Determining Australia’s best schnitty is not a task for the faint-hearted, because you just know there’s always going to be some kind of argument. You’re basically setting yourself up for a fight because someone’s always going to swear their fave is the real schnit. But apparently, it has been done, and surprisingly the winner of Australia’s Best Schnitzel is found in… Adelaide.

Ok sure, maybe it’s research done by Wotif – you know, that accommodation-booking site – but their team has gone and asked the people of Australia about the best, and most deeply underrated, gems found across the country. This year’s People’s Choice awards have pinned down the top 10 best flattened-and-crumbed chooks found across Aus, with number one coming in from South Australia.

With a top ten schnitzel spots compromised of the OG Hotel in Klemzig SA, Palais Hotel in Sephamore SA, Settlers Inn in Port Macquarie NSW, Tingalpa Hotel in Tingalpa QLD, the Noth Wollongong Hotel in Wollongong, NSW (my old uni days fave), Seaview Tavern in Woolgoolga NSW, Una’s in Darlinghurst NSW, Shamrock Hotel in Alexandra VIC and Mrs Parma’s in Melbourne, the schnitty that apparently sits head and shoulders above the rest is from Schnithouse in Adelaide.

If you’ve not experienced the schnitties there, they look like this:

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Look, I can’t argue with this – it looks like a real solid bog-standard schnitty.

I mean, my heart will always lie with the $7.50 schnitty at North Gong Hotel because they were my saving grace through my uni career, but the people have spoken.

Aisde from the best schnitzel, these annual Peoples Choice awards also pinned down a few other best things in Australia, including the hotly-debated potato cake (or scallop, if you’re a heathen). You can find the best potato cake over at Blue Lips Fish & Chips in Exmouth, WA if you’re up for a road trip when things open back up again.

If you’re a fiend for some weekend markets, apparently the best ones in the country are the Eumundi Markets up in QLD, while the best bowl for a cheeky strong pour and a bit of Keno is over at Merthyr Bowls Club by the water in Newfarm QLD.

And, unsurprisingly, the best Big Thing in the country is the beloved Big Banana up in Coffs Harbour. It cannot be denied, that big narnie is truly iconic.

So there you have it – and if you think these big calls are nothing but bullshit, please, pitch me your argument for why your beloved fave is the best in the country. I want to hear your passionate rebuttals.