Turns Out Arnott’s Really Is Unleashing Hawaiian Pizza Flavoured (!!!) Shapes This Year


In news I had naturally dismissed as April Fool’s tomfoolery, Arnott’s is actually releasing Hawaiian pizza flavoured Shapes later this year. I swear to god if this is some sort of extended April Fool’s gag, I’m going to write an angry letter.

This all started yesterday, when Arnott’s Shapes took to the socials to announce its newest addition to the Shapes family… Hawaiian pizza.

Considering Arnott’s decided to post this announcement on April Fool’s Day, a lot of people assumed it was fake.

When it was just an April Fool’s joke, people begged Arnott’s to make the flavour a reality.

“I get this is fake,” one Facebook user commented. “But I would legit buy this. The people want Hawaiian Pizza Shapes.”

And well, the biscuit makers gave the people what they wanted.

Fast forward to 6PM yesterday, way past when the April Fool’s pranks are meant to end, Arnott’s shared another post about the “new” flavour.

This time, however, it confirmed the sweet and savoury Shapes flavour is real.

“In a tropical twist, we can now reveal that… HAWAIIAN PIZZA SHAPES ARE ACTUALLY REAL!” Arnott’s Shapes posted on Facebook.

“Keep your eyes out for these delish new Arnott’s Shapes in a Coles near you!”

Arnott’s said the new flavour will be available exclusively in Coles from mid-May, so mark it in your calendars.

Each box of bites will retail for $3.20 a pop.

Speaking to News.com.au, Arnott’s marketing manager Shannon Wright broke down the reasoning behind the new flavour.

“Pizza is a top-selling flavour for Shapes, and while we know the concept of pineapple on pizza is highly controversial it’s also loved by many,” Wright said.

“We started testing this flavour combination in our Master Baking kitchen, and when we shared it on Arnott’s Shapes’ social media, it received an overwhelmingly positive response.”

So the team realised they needed to release the flavour ASAP.

Arnott’s even commissioned research into the controversial pizza topping and found that 66 per cent of Aussies reckon pineapple is an acceptable topping on pizza.

In case you were wondering why Arnott’s decided to announce this news on April Fool’s Day, Wright said it was to “keep the fans guessing”.

It bloody worked, hey?