Arnott’s Teased Perfumes Of Your Fave Shapes Flavours & Chicken Crimpy Sounds Sexy TBH


As a forever Chicken Crimpy fan, the idea that Arnott’s might release a perfume based on the iconic Shapes flavour really appeals to me.

While I’m almost sure this is a joke, the bickie brand dropped teaser artwork of fragrances inspired by Shapes flavours yesterday.

Cheese & Bacon, Pizza and Chicken Crimpy got the tizz up into fragrances, while BBQ and Savoury (the worst one) were left out.

Given Victoria Bitter just announced an aftershave the other day, it’s highly likely this is a publicity stunt playing into that whole fandango.

But would smelling like a big, human Chicken Crimpy be so bad? I personally would love the waft of chicken salt into my nostrils as I ride the bus each morning.

If we all start harassing Arnott’s on social I’m sure they’ll actually do it.