OH BOY: Arnott’s Have Made What Looks Like A Dare Iced Coffee Version Of The Mint Slice

dare iced coffee

Dare iced coffee is the drink of milk beverage purists – there I said it. I just have this theory that given tradies, truckies and all other early starter, hard yakka workers make it their bevvo of choice, it must be for the highest of palates.

You might sit there with your barista double-shot-almond-milk-latte and scoff, but I’m right. WE have the weak babies palate. THEY know what’s up.

Sorry I just had to defend Dare there for a bit – moving on! Even if you’re not a fan of iced coffee in a bottle, you might love a good iced coffee taste – this is for you. Arnott’s has quietly released a collab with Dare iced coffee in biscuit form. YES, REALLY.

Introducing Arnott’s x Dare Iced Coffee Slice, which looks like it might have vibes of Mint Slice except instead of the minty layer, it’s a coffee cream. YUM.

I’ve found them on sale already at Woolworths for an absolute STEAL – $2.50 a pack! Thank you, Woolies!

It’s not Arnott’s first foray into a mash up. Most recently, they turned Iced Vovos into lamingtons by making the creamy bit chocolate flavoured, and Shortbread Creams into mudcake with choccy bickies. Inspired stuff.

I’m often alarmed when brands drop new products that are very, very intriguing without ANY warning, mainly because I don’t like surprises, but I’ll let it slide this time Arnott’s because, frankly, I’m hightailing it down to Woolies now to pick up a slab of these bad boys.