Aperol Are Giving Away Swish Spritz Packs For All Your Video Chat Soirée Needs

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Who doesn’t love a delicious Aperol Spritz at sundown, hanging out at a waterfront bar on a Sunday? Oh, that’s right. We can’t DO THAT ANYMORE.

It’s okay, though. Just because we can’t get our mates together IRL and go down to [insert mildly wanky bar here] , doesn’t mean we a) can’t enjoy an end of day cocktail or b) enjoy that cocktail with our mates, just over video chat.

Look, video drinks are never going to replace real-life Sunday hangs, but they’ll do for now. And if you set yourself up with fun backgrounds and snacks, they’re pretty enjoyable in their own right.

Basically, they’ve made everything from sun-drenched video chat backgrounds, to epic Sunset Sessions playlists for background tunes (and a boogie, if you’re so inclined). More goodies are coming, including recipes, so make sure you check back regularly.

They’re also holding a killer competition over the next few weeks. They’re giving away four ‘spritz boxes’ each week for a month, with each box containing Aperol glasses and all the ingredients (yes, including Aperol) you need to make DIY spritzes at home.

Cheers, mates.

Always drink responsibly. See DRINKWISE for more information.

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