WIN: We’re Sending You & A Mate On The Ultimate Staycation So Pack Ya Bags

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

There comes a time when we just need to say ‘screw it’, pack up our stuff and travel anywhere other than our own place for the weekend. There’s no real science behind it but I’m a firm believer in mixing up your standard routine to keep life on its toes.

That’s why we’re doing the hard work and sending you and a mate on a staycation to end all staycations – genuinely though, the hotel is ridonk.


Just tell us in 25 words or less, what makes your best friend unique and you and your staycation buddy will be off to a luxe hotel for a glorious one-night vacay.

If you need some inspiration, just remind yourself that they’re the Dumbo to your Colin Farrell – lovable, emotive and one-of-a-kind, so pick an answer that makes them different to everyone else.

While you’re there, you’ll cop a pack of staycation essentials – a fresh pair of Uggs, snack buckets and a bunch of other treats – as well as a copy of Disney’s Dumbo to get you into that ~friendship~ mood.

I mean, you’ll be shacking up with your mate for an entire evening so you may as well take some pointers from Dumbo. Who knows, maybe you’ll come out of it even closer?

Plus, you’ll notice something a little different about your Dumbo copy – nobody panic, it is still a wholesome flick about a little elephant who is a *touch* different to the others (spoiler: his ears are huge).

But, the Blu-Ray and Digital versions come with deleted scenes (there’s one called Elephant Heist so sign me the duck up), interviews with the cast (including 11/10-faced Collin Farrell), and a whole lotta excuses to watch a little baby elephant for an entire Saturday night.

If you had plans to walk around and explore your new surroundings I’d probably cancel them – you’re not doing any walking on this staycation.

Remember: if you don’t win (apologies), you can still snag Disney’s Dumbo on Digital Now or on Blu-Ray and DVD from July 10, so don’t cry me a river.