PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Local Supply to extend your summer. Keep reading to find out how you can keep the good times rolling and dodge our crappy winter by scoring a massive trip to LA this year.

Ah, Los Angeles. It’s a city that never stops turning. Wanna know what else doesn’t stop turning over ‘n over? All of us Aussies contemplating the truly obscene cost of travelling to its shores. Yep, it’s not cheap, and times are tough for us travel-hungry folks down under – the cost of renting a joint in Sydney is comparable to coughing up for a joint in LA, which is, y’know, outrageously cooked.

There’s another tough time that we suffer through annually too, but it’s a hell of a lot more basic than inflated costs of living. Yep, we fkn love summer more than Kris Jenner froths on a surprise baby announcement, but I’m sure you all agree that it doesn’t last nearly long enough. #FirstWorldProblems.

Thankfully, there are truly incredible people in this world who want to offer a solution to our aforementioned issues.

Local Supply, purveyors of the slickest shades in town, are giving away the trip of a lifetime to LA so you can extend your summer and keep the good times bloody rolling. You and a mate will score return economy airfares to LA from your closest cap city, five night’s accommodation, a selection of six Local Supply frames, a $1,000 wardrobe from their pals at General Pants, 1,000 bucks spending money PLUS a dinner reservation at EP LP (West Hollywood).

If that all sounds bloody awesome, then enter via the below:


Regardless of whether you score yourself an extended summer in LA, or just having a fab time on home turf, y’all know you’re gonna need some chic as shit sunglasses to truly live your best life. Get yourself hooked up with a pair or two from Local Supply by heading HERE. Hell, you can even shave 20% of ’em by using the code PEDTV.

Image: Baywatch