WATCH: Woody Harrelson Only Made It Through A Dinner W/ Trump By Blazing Up

It’s not like, at this point, we need more evidence that Donald J Trump, president of the United States, is a colossal ass.

you are, mate. you are.

It is, however, fun to have what you already know confirmed by a rumpled, Southern-accented celebrity.

Today’s evidence of Trump’s monstrous dickishness comes courtesy Woody Harrelson, who detailed to Bill Maher a dinner he had with the future president and his mate Jesse Ventura back in 2004 – an evening so dire, he says, that he had to leave the table halfway through in order to imbibe some of the good stuff before returning to tough the rest of it out.

It was brutal. I’d never met a more narcissistic man. He talked about himself the whole time. You could see the standard he was going to bear.

I had to walk out halfway through and smoke a joint, just to steel myself for the rest of it.

Back in ’04, by the way, Trump was trying to get Ventura on board as his running mate – his Democratic running mate. As Harrelson says, yep, he was a Democrat back then, because the man clearly doesn’t give a shit about policy unless it’s a policy that puts him in charge of stuff he has less than no idea how to handle.

Truly, in these dark times, we all wish we could pop out of our reality for a second to smoke a sneaky J. Lucky for some, Woody. Lucky for some.