Watch: Manly Through The Eyes Of Its Manliest Residents

Produced in association with Tourism and Events Queensland.
All due respect to the Northern Beaches of Sydney, but there’s a very obvious reason why that part of the world is so often referred to as the Insular Peninsula, such is its reputation for a certain kind of comfortable parochialism. As we’ve witnessed so far in other parts of Sydney, the more deeply entrenched you become in a bubble like the Beaches, the harder it becomes to find reasons to head south of the Spit Bridge. 
With that in mind, we conducted two very rigorous experiments from which we obtained two similar strands of empirical evidence: first, an unimpeachable Facebook survey deduced that over half its participants knew at least one person with a professional affiliation with the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles; then, when confronted with a hypothetical concerning the supposed siting of a shark off the Collins Beach Jump Rock, the majority of those polled responded first in favour of crying wolf and then heading to Collins Beach for a swim.
That’s so Manly ¯__/¯
Still unconvinced?
Should you require help taking the first steps toward leaving a bubble of your own creation, help is available here.