WATCH: Allegedly Fuck-Eyed Pilot Stumbles Through Security Before Flight

Footage has emerged of an allegedly drunk pilot making an utter shambles of himself at a security checkpoint, and it makes your groggiest Singaporean layover seem composed by comparison.

Denzel Washington, he is not:

Tekad Purnawas, a pilot for cut-price Garuda subsidiary Citilink, was fired after somehow making it to the cockpit for Wednesday’s scheduled Surabaya – Jakarta flight. 

He was only booted off the plane when passengers expressed what we can only imagine to be serious fucking concern over his allegedly slurred pre-flight announcement. 

Purnawas is under official investigation regarding any possible alcohol or drug use prior to the whole debacle. He’s been suspended from flying, and could face a total ban when the official results are in.

Citilink’s chief Albert Burhan said “the pilot had committed serious violation of standard operation procedure that endangered passengers,” and even resigned himself over the issue.

FWIW, another pilot was roped in for the flight, which took off safely a full hour behind schedule.
Just quietly, we’re just fine being the impaired ones on a flight, please and thanks.