This New Public Toilet App Lets You Pay For A Whole Hour Of Guts-Dropping

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Unfortunately, when you’re out and about in big city with a bladder full-to-bursting, finding a public toilet is damn near impossible.

In New York, there are no-shit only 15 operational public toilets for its 8.5 million citizens and 60 million tourists per year, and most restaurant / bar owners insist you buy something before they’ll let you punish their porcelain.

No longer: a new app called Rockaloo allows busting users to reserve a bathroom for one hour (that’s a lot of kid-dropping) when need be. Once the reservation is made, the user can gun straight to the dunny without having to put up with pesky lines. Yes, there might already be apps like Where 2 Wee and Toilet Finder that locate loos, but this reservation sitch is a whole new kettle of turds.

Clearly Rockaloo is an important app, because more than 130 different locations across Manhattan, Brooklyn + Queens have teamed up with it to provide solid (or runny) bathroom usage for an entire hour. This includes loos at restaurants bars and coffee shops, and the app will let you find (and book) the one closest to you. From there you enter the venue, show your pass to the “host” and you’re able to go to dump town, which is typically a privilege reserved only for paying patrons.

Nothing good in this life is free, though, with the one-hour prices ranging from USD$0.99 to $8.99 (or roughly AUD$1.25 to $11.30 ), depending on where you choose to drop your guts. Where does that dosh go? Profits are split between the app and the establishment, with a lil’ bit even going to a charity of your choice. Amazing! Pooing for a cause; loves it.

Seriously, though, Rockaloo’s founders say they just wanna improve the access to shitters across NYC, more or less. If you’re thinking of visiting the Big Apple, you can download the app here. Beats the alternative option.