How To Travel Fresh Outta High School Without Your Parents Grilling You

travel after high school

Okay, so it’s pretty normal for us to want to high-tail it out of the country as soon as our 12-year stint in prison (or “school” as they’re technically called) has wrapped, but often it’s to the chagrin of our not-so-trusting parents.

While some parents, guardians or even lollipop people (they’ve seen how recklessly you cross a road) are right to worry, travelling can still be such a crucial part of growing up. For many of us, it’s the first time we’re required to operate, or you know, just stay alive, without the constant supervision of our loved ones.

Not to fret, though. We’ve put together a few cheeky options that’ll get you out of the country while also managing to appease the parentals.

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Take That Coursework Abroad

This is by far and large the easiest way to get your butt overseas with the universal approval of your folks.

Many universities offer opportunities to study in select countries for a semester, or, if a mere semester won’t quench your thirst for travel, institutions like QUT actually require you to study overseas for a full year if you enrol in their Bachelor of Business – International course.

Let that sink in for a mo’ – not only do you get to travel overseas for a full year, you can also tell your parents that it’s a course requirement and if they reject your proposal, they’ve basically sentenced you to a degree-less life and want you to suffer. Some call it emotional blackmail, we call it being savvy.

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Lay The Groundwork

This takes a lot more effort and consistently good behaviour, but the results are outstanding.

Leading up to the end of your school days, you need to start conditioning your parents to think you’re the purest, most studious human on the planet – think Mother Theresa on steroids. If you’re naturally an absolute nightmare of a human, use your conniving nature to con your way into their good books. (Just a friendly reminder, this could take years so best to get a head start.)

Once you’re looked upon like a model citizen and you’ve finally mustered up the courage to break the news to your parents about your travel plans, they probably won’t even bat an eyelid – you’re too responsible and mature to get into any mischief, remember?

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Ensure Your Travel Buddy Is Golden

If you’re too late to paint yourself out as an absolute prodigy and your parents are deadset worried they’ve raised the genuine spawn of Satan, you’re going to have to outsource the role of golden child to one of your friends.

Find whichever mate your parents love more than you and ask them to come along. You might not be trusted as a person for warranted reasons but it’ll soften the blow if you take a certified guardian angel with you on your trip.

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Offer To Take Them Along With You

This is definitely a worst-case, high-risk option which you should approach with caution.

If you know that your folks are the hesitant kind who take years to decide on anything, you need to learn the art of negotiation. In this instance, the desired outcome is straightforward but getting there might be an absolute mission.

Basically, you pitch the idea of travelling overseas to your parents and suggest that they come along. The whole gameplan here is for them to say they’re too busy/can’t afford it/hate sitting next to you in confined spaces for longer than 20 minutes, while simultaneously showing them that whatever you do overseas, you’d be willing to do it in front of them.

It goes back to the whole conditioning tactic – if they think that you’re down for a wholesome time, they might just tell you to go by yourself and, at a stretch, thank you for including them in your original plans.

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There are legit so many ways for you to take that trip once you finish school while also keeping that child-of-the-year award, that you’d be outta control bonkers not to take the opportunity while it’s there.

So, you know, carpe diem or something like that.

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