Insta Fiends Are Risking Their Lives For Pics With Syd’s Bloomin’ Jacarandas

Everyone loves a good, solid upload to the ‘gram.

It’s an art, a science. You need all the ingredients in the right quantities.

An enviable location, preferably in an exotic country your friends haven’t yet been to. An outfit that’s effortlessly effortful. A pun-heavy caption. No bung eyes (a feat that’s harder than it sounds).

Perfecting this Pleasant Picture Pie takes mastery, and some people literally risk their lives trying to make it.

Cake and point: tourists are causing traffic chaos in Sydney‘s Kirribilli by posing on the road under blooming jacaranda trees:

casual, candid

According to the Mosman Daily, tourists, selfie-lovers and even brides and grooms have been flocking in droves to McDougall Street where to the purple flowered trees are in full bloom. They’re reportedly blocking the street by standing on the road, taking pictures from all different angles, aka werking it.

It’s getting the goat of motorists and locals, according to chair of Milson Precinct, Jillian Christie.

“It’s difficult to drive there without hitting a tourist. They are out in the middle of the road,” she said. “We all love it and we are understanding but we don’t want the tourists hurt.”

Residents reckon the snap happy tourists are causing serious danger and are urging the North Sydney Council to take action.

Christie reckons an official jacaranda festival to be organised to change the street to one way for the six week period the blooms are out. She’s also suggested a small section of the street should be closed to traffic, because Instagram.

In fairness, it’s probably a great tourism idea for the area. Just look at these glorious piccies:

“The feasibility and costs of a traffic management plan and a jacaranda festival are being considered for the future,” a council spokeswoman said.

“In the meantime, as McDougall St is a public road, pedestrians and motorists should observe the road rules at all times.”

We’re here for it. Maybe just don’t sit in the middle of a road though.