One Of The Most Lusted-After Airbnbs In The Whole World Is In *Checks Notes* South Australia

most wishlisted airbnbs global list south australia

South Australia is likely going to challenge the east coast as a red-hot holiday destination after a tiny home found its way onto Airbnb’s most-wished-listed new places for 2023.

Airbnb shared the top 14 most wished-for destinations in January and somehow it largely passed us by that a tiny little off-grid home right down near Port Lincoln has made the list.

The newly-released list of hotspots is a stunning display of some of the most picturesque places to snooze in the whole world. There’s a house in France with its own private river, a log cabin high in the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, a house on stilts 30 feet up over the trees in Nova Scotia and a fucking 22-storey skyscraper lying on its side in Joshua Tree, California.

Then — proudly nestled in among all the places that look like they’ll cost you an arm, a leg, your firstborn and three months of Sydney rent —  is the Tally-Ho Tiny Home in Hawson.

most wishlisted airbnb 2023 south australia
CUUUUTE. [Image: Airbnb]
Suppose we all just assumed the most pined-over properties would be in jaw-dropping locales and not just across the gulf from Adelaide.

Hosted by locals Emma and Morgan, who lived in the house for two years after they finished building it in 2019, the wee spot on the hobby farm is completely off-grid with its own solar energy system and composting dunny.

most wishlisted airbnb 2023 south australia
Honestly… obsessed. [Image: Airbnb]
Unlike some of the other destinations (which I’m sure would cost a motza to have a sleepover in) the wee South Aus gem is currently $230 a night and sleeps four adults.

There were still heaps of available dates to book the ‘lil home by the Great Australian Bight when I checked so if you’re after a highly lusted-over getaway maybe lock yourself a stay in ASAP. You know, before everyone else finds it on Airbnb, comes to town and books the place out for the foreseeable future.