This Genius 2018 Vacay Planner Will Turn Yr 20 Annual Leave Days Into 47

2018 is approaching, and at speed.

You’re probably wrapped up in the festivities and glory of our ‘Strayan summer right now, but in approximately 60 seconds, you’ll find yourself back at your desk at work, staring down insurmountable mountains of spreadsheetery, client meetings and canned tuna lunches.

There’s a way to make this cruel reality a little more joyful, though: and that’s to start planning next year’s vacays now.

Right here. Right now.

There’s a strategy to it, though. And that’s squeezing the juice out of all the public holidays we’re blessed with, and turning your 20 days of annual leave into a whopping 47 days of bliss.

Contiki have bung together this genius 2018 trip planner that makes extending those sweet days off a whole lot easier:

The way it works is simple: it maps out exactly when weekends (green dots) and public holidays are (pink dots), and when you should book your annual leave (purple dots) to turn these rightful breaks into actual holidays.

Actual holidays you could spend galavanting around the coast of Australia, jetting off for a cheeky getaway in Bali, or even a quick trip to somewhere a little more exotic (the 16-day long break in MarchApril would be ideal for that).

Use it, and you’ll find yourself with six mini-holidays all featuring more four of more days off. You bloody beauty.

If you want the fun and frivolity of travelling with a group, but crave the freedom to go off and do your own thing, Contiki‘s Independent Insider trip will be right up your enchanted-European-cobblestoned alley. You can choose what city you start and end in, what activities you’re most interested in doing (eating pasta instead of rock-climbing? Same) and what you want to do in your spare time. The best bit? You get the hotels and transfers organised for you, but without the itineraries or wake-up calls. Delicious.