The Colosseum’s Opening Up The Plebby Nosebleeds For The 1st Time In 40 Yrs

If you’re not afraid of heights and want to cop yourself possibly the best view in all of Italy, may I highly suggest you get yourself to The Colosseum in Rome toot sweet and grab yourself a ticket to check out the top level in all its glorious heights.

It’s been a solid 40 years since the public were able to look down upon the battle arena from the nosebleed section, and let me tell you it’s going to be more breathtaking than being right at the top seats of the MCG during the finals season – it’s nearly 40 metres above the ground and was originally home to all the plebs who sat on wooden benches to watch the show below.

The Colosseum’s literal top spot has had a big refurb and is due to be open to the public from November 1st, where punters can roam through the top of the block in groups of 25.

Entry into the Roman nosebleeds will set you back an extra $13.50 on top of the Colosseum entry fee of $18.

But what’s a couple of extra bucks to get possibly one of the best views in all of Rome, largely undisturbed?

Molto bene.