Banksy’s Exhibition Is Coming To Sydney, Officially Marking The Return Of Tumblr Art Girlie Era

Art fans are about to run rampant on the streets of Sydney because just like Santa Claus, the iconic Banksy art exhibition is coming to town.

Usually, when I hear the name Banksy, I get horrible flashbacks to my Tumblr girlie days — even though the British street artist, who’s known for the powerful messages behind his bodies of work, was a huge inspiration for my Year 12 art major.

But now, I can relive those cringe days — alongside a bunch of art fans — via his incoming exhibition, The Art Of Banksy: Without Limits.

From January 24, 2024, fans of the controversial artist — who’s responsible for works, such as Balloon Girl, Kissing Coppers and Show Me the Monet — can head to Sydney Town Hall to experience his pieces up close.

The Art Of Banksy: Without Limits exhibition will contain more than 150 pieces of the street artist’s work including a bunch of originals, prints, photographs, lithographs, sculptures, murals and video mapping installations that have been produced for this tour.

(Image source: supplied)

During the exhibit, fans of the polarizing artist can deep dive into the world of Banksy, the vision behind his works, explore his life and celebrate the iconic pieces.

Some of the biggest pieces featured within the exhibition include an installation from the alluring Dismaland from 2015, prints of Flower Thrower and Kissing Coppers, and the Photo Booth sculpture.

(Image source: Supplied)

There are also interactive elements to the exhibition which include a surprise “infinity room” — which addresses politics — and the opportunity to spray paint your own T-shirt with a $2 donation to M.V. Louise Michel organisation.

According to the organisation’s website, the M.V. Louise Michel organisation and its volunteers work towards resisting “the discriminatory power structures of nationalism, racism, patriarchy and capitalism.”

Who TF is Banksy?

Banksy’s identity has always been a ‘yuge mystery. It’s kinda like the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle or the culprit of the poo sundae at Coogee Bay Hotel.

A bunch of people had their theories on who Banksy was. It ranged from Jamie Hewlett of Gorillaz, Thierry Guetta and Robert Del Naja of Massive Attack.

However, back in October, it was rumoured that Banksy’s identity was revealed via legal documents. The infamous artist is ~allegedly~ 53-year-old Robin Gunningham.

Although we love a little fave reveal, some folks — myself included — prefer the mystery of Banksy. After all, it’s the art that matters not the artist.

Before Sydney, The Art of Banksy: Without Limits, exhibition was available in Brissy and Adelaide.

A waitlist for the Sydney tickets is now open and the general sale of the tickets will be released on Tuesday, December 19.