San Fran’s New Rat Café Proves Ratatouille Was A Documentary

The San Francisco Dungeon, usually a place for actors to act out hammy scary stories for tourists, now plans to host a different kind of attraction, a cafe teeming with rats.
The rats they aren’t for eatin’, they’re for hanging out with, as the Dungeon tries to dispel the idea that all rodents are gross, disease-carrying sewer creatures. Most cafes would try and get rodents off their premises, laying traps, due perhaps to concerns about health and safety, but not at the Black Rat Cafe.
The rats will be provided by rat rescue and adoption agency, Rattie Ratz, and the cafe says they’ll be preparing all their food for those two days off site, thus meeting all food codes and hygiene requirements. Then they’ll take it all away before the rats roll in for a mere 15-minute sesh, so Ratty doesn’t scurry off with your fruit tart.
It’s only going to be open for two days in July, so if you’re over in sunny stateside and you fancy sharing a cuppa with a critter then this is the activity for you. It’s only US$50 for unlimited coffee, tea and pastries, as well as tickets to the Dungeon’s live-action show.
Wow, the possibilities are boundless. 

Source: Time.
Photo: Supplied.