Bookmark These Unique Qld Escapes If You Wanna Explore The State & All It’s Got To Offer

Contributor: Bianca Davino
PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Queensland to show you the unexpected side of the state.

I know the summer holidays were only three (or so) months ago, but I’m ready for a break again. Because let’s face it, we could all use a little adventure away from the monotony of the 9-5 grind right now.

So why not make it a life-changing trip up to Qld, where you’re sure to discover something beyond your wildest dreams?

Qld is arguably the country’s best vaycay destination because of just how many untapped gems there are to discover. You can switch off completely as you sleep under the stars, frolic through tropical islands, relax in hot springs and hike the most glorious mountains in the god-damn world.

So, we’ve rounded up a few highlights that you truly can’t do or see anywhere else, so at least you’ll have something to add to your scrapbook after all.

Do people still scrapbook? Bring it back, I say.

Hinchinbrook Island, Townsville


If your TikTok FYP is full of incredible, secret waterfalls that travel influencers gatekeep the name of, you must pay Hinchinbrook Island a visit and book a WILD Hinchinbrook Adventures Zoe Falls Guided Walk.

Zoe Falls plummets into a deep blue tropical rainforest-lined swimming hole and it genuinely looks like something dreams are made of. You’ll have to take a guided tour departing from Lucinda Bay’s iconic sugar-loading jetty (where you’ll have the northern island of the Palm Island group as a backdrop to top it all off) to get there.

Along the way, you’ll be given the inside scoop on the history of gorgeous landmarks like Georges Point, and it’ll finish off with your guide dropping at the beach beneath the dence tropical rainforest.

Finch Hatton Gorge, Mackay

Finch Hatton Gorge (which is part of Eungella National Park) is the longest continuous stretch of sub-tropical rainforest in the country. It’s famous for its bountiful, lush flora and volcanic borders that you’ll hike up to get to its hidden waterfall and swimming hole.

We highly recommend taking a guided tour (like Finchy’s Gorgeous Gorg Tour) to get the full experience, which will finish off with a scenic walk back down the gorge to a Pioneer Valley local fave for lunch.

Talaroo Hot Springs, Mount Surprise

If you’re looking for a trip that’ll quite literally heal you, look no further than the Talaroo Hot Springs.

Formed over millions of years, they’re one of only two mound springs in Australia and home to a unique ecosystem because of its scorching hot 62°C temperature. Soaking in the springs is also known to have health benefits and healing qualities as it soothes the mind and body. Sign me up now, please. 

We highly recommend booking a Hot Springs Discovery Tour to get an immersive understanding of the importance the area has to the Ewamian people. The tour ends with a dip in the springs, and there’s also glamping and camping available onsite, to round out the experience.

Mount Barney Lodge, Scenic Rim

For me, a holiday is all about lounging around and exerting as little energy as humanly possible. For others, it’s about the complete opposite. If you fall into that category, boy do we have the experience for you.

Booking a Yaribba Dreaming immersive tour is the perfect way to not only explore the Mt Barney region on foot but also learn about the Indigenous history of the area too.

Nightfall Camp, Lamington National Park

You’ve heard of glamping by now, but have you ever seen it this stunning before? Nightfall Camp takes a normal glamping trip, includes hardwood floors, a fireplace and a pair of bathtubs and transforms it into a place I’d seriously consider living out the rest of my days. You’ll also get the chance to hike through Lamington National Park (with a cute lil’ picnic lunch by a rock pool), take a private yoga class in your safari tent and enjoy fully-catered meals of signature fire-cooked cuisine.

It’d be near-impossible to stress out in the slightest and after a night or two, you won’t even remember what you did in your pre-Nightfall life let alone what you worried about.

Right around the corner (a little over an hour away) is the famed Treetop Walk, which is a must if you used to watch George of the Jungle on repeat as a kid and just want to play in the trees like a carefree Brendan Fraser.

If you’re simply dying for a vaycay, you can go in the running to win one of five incredible Queensland holidays right here