New Humblebrag #JustAnotherDayInWA Tourism Campaign Backfires Predictably

Committee-crafted hashtags are a lot like children: you can build and shelter them for as long as you’d like, but once you let ’em loose on the world, they’re totally out of your control. 

In the scant few hours since their new #JustAnotherDayInWA campaign went live, Tourism Western Australia have re-learned that lesson. 
As part of a massive new multimedia push to get visitors to our hugest state’s many speccy locales, Premier Colin Barnett claims the tagline taps into residents’ insouciance at living in such a beautiful part of the planet. 

In a statement, he said “under the Just Another Day banner, Tourism WA and the tourism industry will create and distribute appealing content that will inspire people to travel to our State.”

Welp, nestled between the genuinely stunning shots regular ol’ punters have contributed, lies this ‘appealing content’:

*Inhales deeply…*

Opposition Leader Mark McGowan has already laid into the hashtag, saying “the slogan itself lends itself to ridicule and you’ve got to always watch out for that because you want our state to be seen as the sort of place that people from overseas and interstate want to come to.”

“A hashtag is not going to be the thing that drives additional tourist numbers to Western Australia.”
To be fair, it’s just one face of the many-headed marketing hydra – a beast Barnett expects to spur the state’s tourism industry to $12b in value by 2020. Still, they could have learned their lesson on hijacked hashtags from the taxi industry. Or Tony Abbott supporters. Or the Queen. Or E.L James. 
Long story short, no matter how speccy ya state is, the internet will waste exactly no time turning your well-intentioned social media strategy into a catch-all for qualms and complaints. Soz, guys.
Source: ABC / Tourism WA / Twitter. 

Photo: Australia’s Golden Outback / Instagram / Twitter.