Moisturise Your Dry Winter Body / Spirit With A Mini-Break To Noosa

PEDESTRIAN.TV co-founder Oscar Martin has a damn-decent gig, when he’s not dealing with ratbag staff  This time ’round, the legends at Visit Noosa offered him a lil’ ~micro-adventure~ to shrug off them pre-winter woes, which he happily took with travel compadre Vitoria Triboni (whose Instagram you can get amongst HERE), who volunteered to share her thoughts/feelings/emotions re: Noosa. Keep reading for some top-notch insights before heading to Visit Noosa’s website HERE to plan your own sunny-side-up vaycay.

Hey good and loyal readers, Oscar here.

Just when you thought my self-indulged schmuckery couldn’t be topped, enter Brazilian bombshell (and my good mate), Vitoria Triboni.

Shall we…? 
I’m a sucker for adventure and spontaneous trips done right. Your pennies may not stretch to Europe or Rio Olympics this winter, however a 1.5 hour plane ride north (from Sydney) will take you to warmer waters, fantastic surf and mouth watering food of the shire of Noosa.
Thanks to our friends at Visit Noosa, Vitoria and I enjoyed an A+ weekend escape to the Sunshine Coast, which I can’t recommend highly enough – and neither can Vitoria, who volunteered to write the entire review (Yaaaaassss). 
Take it away, Vitoria (note: read to yourself in South American / Portuguese / English tone). Next stop Brazil?
Let’s be honest, Noosa was not on top of my list as one of those places I thought would be a fun getaway. Typically known for families, wealthy couples, some might even call it ‘Mosman by the sea’ I decided anyway to pack my bags to give it a shot and here are my surprising findings.


Let me save you the time: book a room at Seaheaven Apartments. There’s accomm to suit any budget and the location gives you front-row seats at Hastings Street. For those who don’t know where that is, it’s the main street in Noosa – and home to all the buzzy restaurants, bars, shops etc.
Check out the video above – the rooms are epic! It’s like having staying in your own little slice of heaven. After a few whiskeys, enjoy a relaxing bath before you head out. Pack your fridge with some booze so you can start having a few before you start having a few more.


Make sure you go to Zachary’s Gourmet Pizza Bar! The best Italian joint in town is located, very conveniently, 30 easy steps from your door. While eating a killer pizza and knocking down some great cocktails, chat to either Eric or John – both great blokes who own the place.
Go to Bistro C for breakfast Bloody Marys. It’s AMAZING – situated smack-bang on the water and serves breakfast, lunch + dinner. 
10 Boutique Cafe is the place to sample local produce and your first point of call for great coffee & fresh juices.
Embassy XO is a 10 minute drive from the town centre at Sunshine Beach Village. if you’re feeling like Yum Cha is the only fix for your fun the night before! 
Our last stop was Rococo Noosa for lunch. It was music to my ears to hear the acoustic sounds of the spanish guitar while reflecting, telling stories and trying to piece together the weekend (AKA The Hangover Part 4) on what was a cracking weekend vacay in Noosa. 


Head to a bar called Village Bicycle, which offers cheap and cheerful fish tacos and good tequila – the perfect recipe for success! Surrounded by vintage bicycles on the walls and beautiful people (as well as backpackers), the atmosphere is perfect for balmy-evening tipples.
Another option for a pre-dinner cocktail is Miss Moneypenny’soverlooking Hastings Street. Don’t go past their trademark drink, the Belvedere Bloody Mary: vodka shaken with a house-made bloody mary mix of tomato juice, horseradish, wasabi,
worcestershire sauce, paprika, roast capsicum, dill, garlic, tabasco, lemon
juice, celery salt and pepper *drools*.


When you wake up hungover as hell, I recommend you and your buddies book a surfing lesson with Noosa Learn To Surf.
I don’t care if you already know how to surf, I guarantee plenty of laughter watching your mates getting smaaaaaashed; 1) Because they either don’t know how to surf, or 2) Are still fked up from last night.
Pick up your 4WD from U Explore 4×4 and head to Noosa North Shore for a relaxing arvo driving across neverending white sand.
See you there!
Vitoria xxxx 
Photos: Oscar Martin / Supplied.