Kuala Lumpur’s Speakeasy Bar Scene Is Off The Damn Tap, So Go & Grab Your Kitten Heels

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Howdy travelling companion, welcome back to PEDESTRIAN.TV‘s journey of Kuala Lumpur, uncovering all that the culturally rich capital has to offer.

Safe to say, it’d already been a bloody successful trip – check out my food and luxe journeys for proof. On my final night in the wondrous Malaysian capital city, however, I realised it was time to get my glam rags on and explore as much of the nightlife scene as possible.

Time to gussy up, dig up your Sunday best and grab your kitten heels – we’re about to reminisce on the night that was. Let’s shimmy.

Okay, so, this was the plan – all within a short car ride of each other.


First up, check out the view from where I was staying. MOV Hotel did not disappoint with panoramic views reminiscent of a Miami Vice, Blade Runner dreamscape. I mean, seriously, look at all the pretty pinks. This was the perfect vista to kick off the evening’s festivities.


Venue numéro uno? A helicopter pad. And when I say a helicopter pad, I mean a literal helicopter-pad-turned-bar with sweeping 360-degree views of the cityscape. Make sure to hurry though – it’s important that you arrive and have your drink at the ready before the golden hour sets in. Then, once the pad area opens and you find your spot, all you have to do is sit back, cheers your beverage and gawk at the truly breathtaking views.


Two words: cabaret and cocktails. The first room I walked into was a dumpling place – and at first glance it’d be fair to assume that that’s all there was – but once I passed through this giant, heavy wooden door, I was instantly teleported into an otherworldly, vintage spot boasting cabaret, performers on swings and routine dances whenever someone ordered a bottle. It was this fusion of old-school décor, rock music and opulent performers – this was a combination I didn’t know I needed until now.


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The Iron Fairies is a clubbing spot based on the children’s picture story books of the same name. The story, itself, recounts a bunch of iron miners who create 14 fairies based on the various minerals and materials they mined. Each fairy comes packed with her own sass-pot attitude, and they definitely contributed to the bar’s otherworldly vibe. With a Fairy Dust Factory and Butterfly Room, you already know the aesthetic of this place was just as magical as the cocktails themselves. It was truly a huge, magical mood.


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Although I ran out of time to visit The Deceased – it was an extremely jam-packed evening, don’t judge – this is on the top of my bucket list for the next visit. Spooky babies with alcohol bottles? Say no more – I’m in.

All the nightlife venues on the list were so eclectic, which is without a doubt symbolic of Kuala Lumpur’s offering as a whole. From 360-degree helicopter pad views to mystical fairies and cabaret performances, the multifaceted city certainly offers something for everyone once the sun sets.

Following the success of my final night in KL – which I’ve now learnt is another city that never sleeps – it was time to (sadly) head home.

Kuala Lumpur, I discovered after my week-long journey, is a true hidden gem. From the city’s eclectic cuisine, to its high-end – yet always affordable – pastime offerings, Malaysia’s capital city is truly a melting pot of cultures, stories and, above all else, possibilities. So, if you’re thinking about where to travel next, why not chuck the ol’ KL on your list? I may be a tad biased now, but it’s a blast in a glass. And thanks to AirAsia, you can experience all of this luxury without breaking the bank. Alexa, play “Good as Hell” by Lizzo.