Jetstar’s Slinging Cheap-Ass Tix RN If You Fancy Playing Flight Cancellation Russian Roulette

Cameron, Daphne, Will and Harper in The White Lotus lounging on chairs on the beach

Noted agent of airline chaos Jetstar is celebrating its 19th birthday by slinging cheap tickets and free returns on a bunch of domestic and international flights.

Personally, I celebrated turning 19 by getting shit-faced at the pub with my mates but this is nice, as well!

Domestic fares start at $77 if you want to scoot from Sydney to Melbourne, but you can also fly from Hobart to Adelaide from $121 and Adelaide to Perth from $219. The sky is well and truly the limit.

If an international holiday is more your style, you can skedaddle from Sydney to Auckland from $299 or fly to Bali from Perth from $269.

You can even cop free return fares for a few flights but only in specific travel periods, so make sure you check the Jetstar website before getting your hopes up.

On the topic of managing your expectations, there’s also the risk that your flight will be cancelled or seriously delayed so you’ll have to bum around the airport à la Kath and Kel in that deeply iconic Kath & Kim episode. Alternatively, the Jetstar plane you’re travelling on could become possessed by the spirit of an angry father and turn back around mid-flight like that aircraft which chucked a uey after more than four hours in the air.

I hate to be the fun police but this is a mere word of warning before you book annual leave and invest in a sexy new pair of Bermuda shorts.

The Jetstar birthday sale will run for 48 hours, starting at 12am AEST Wednesday, May 3 and ending at 11.49pm AEST Thursday, May 4, unless tickets are snatched up prior.

A total of 45,000 fares will be up for grabs so you better get in quick. Seize the day, YOLO et cetera.