Tell Winter To Go Get Fucked With Jetstar’s Flights To Thailand For $209

If you’re mega pissed that summer’s hurtling towards the end of its time again and you haven’t even had time to gently roast your feet in the sand on a hot day, then no stress ‘cos Jetstar are slinging cheap as shit flights to beachy destinations both across Aus and around the world.

How cheap you say? Well how about going from Melbourne to Singapore for $180, or Sydney to Phuket for $209? Yeah, you can bail the hell outta the encroaching winter by scooting off on a very discounted rate.

And as always, everyone’s newest fave, Hawaii, is on the list – get to Honolulu from Sydney for $239. Holy hell that’s not to bad at all.

Me, surfing for the first time in 10 years.

If you wanna keep it local, you can go from Melbourne to the Whitsunday Coast for $89, or folks in Launceston can jump over to the mainland with $45 flights to Sydney. You can cop ’em all over HERE, but be quick ‘cos the sale ends on Monday 19th February.

Seriously, go and chase the summer and tell winter to piss off for a bit.