Here’s Everything You Need To Ditch The Hotels And Go Camping For Your Next Holiday

Has the noise of society got you feeling like a caveman lawyer that wants to run off to the hills and return to monke? I get you.

Thankfully, camping is an excellent and cheap “drop everything and run” vacation idea as you get an immense amount of freedom in escaping society and responsibilities for a bit.

If you’ve been itching for a quick getaway, but want to prioritise your comfort, here are some camping essentials worth picking up.

Max Out Your Comfort Needs

It can’t be stressed enough, do not skimp on a cheap sleeping bag when camping. Comfort is king when camping, and you’ll want something that can keep you warm throughout a cold night and provide good comfort. If you’ve been holding onto your branded 2004 Hulk sleeping bag you used to take to every sleepover, I’m sorry to say it’s time to let it go. You’re an adult now, and you have adult needs.

I’d recommend an air mattress or a hiking mat as well. As much as sleeping on the floor can help your posture, there’s no denying it’s mega uncomfy and having poor sleep is gonna affect you more. An air mattress will give you that much-needed support and separation from all the bugs that are definitely underneath your tent.

Outdoors Meal Prep

I’m an absolute sucker for those wilderness cooking videos, but there’s no denying that they’re very over the top.

But you still should consider how you’re going to prepare food!

Packing that portable stove, cooler and weber from home to bring along on your trip can save you so much time on building a fireplace, or living off of nutrition bars for the week. Personally, I’d also recommend bringing something to make hot coffee in the morning with, so you can start your mornings with your daily cup of zen.

Plan Your Activities In Advance

This should be a no-brainer, but camping locations will often have a variety of activities you can do. Making sure you’re familiar with the lay of the land will help you plan out everything you can do over your trip to get the most out of it.

Things like great hiking trails that could have a waterfall or lake at the end, or a large body of water you can ride a kayak on.

My dad will personally pick camping spots around his night photography hobby, so finding great vantage points and views of the stars and constellations is vital for him.

A Proper Tent

This ain’t no primary school camping trip, so you shouldn’t have to spend your nights cramped in a tiny tent with thin walls. There are plenty of tents at reasonable prices that offer great space and headroom so you don’t end up feeling claustrophobic.

There are even ensuite tents that you can use to set up a portable shower or toilet.

Whether you’re looking for something quick and easy to set up, or a huge family tent to share with others, the first step of camping is making sure your sleeping space will accommodate your needs throughout the trip.

Embrace Camping-Core

There’s no point in going camping and not embracing the much-needed apparel. Depending on the weather, you should definitely consider bringing specific jackets that keep you warm and cozy.

I’d also strongly recommend getting new shoes and breaking into them before hiking as you’ll need all that support in the shoe if you’re going for long treks with steep hills.

The cost of going on holiday has gotten incredibly steep, and the stress that can come from saving, to booking, to arriving at the airport on time can be a lot. If you’ve been keen on camping as a more cost-effective and freeing experience read more about the costs and benefits of camping here.

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